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Cancer. A word I never wanted to hear and frankly never thought I would. But then, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2018, right before the holidays. I remember getting her phone call when I was in a store trying to figure out how the store had charged me twice on a transaction. I knew it was an important call because that day she was getting her biopsy results. I was at the check out (and I hate to be on my phone when I'm at a checkout or speaking to someone)...but I kindly told the sales associate this was a very important call. I walked back to the desk with tears in my eyes and suddenly didn't even care about the double transaction. The employee asked me if I was okay, and all I could say was, "my mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer." What a blessing it was to be in that store though that day. Next thing I know, another store employee overheard me and just hugged me. She prayed for me and just held me, for probably five minutes. What a blessing that woman was. I hope I radiate that love and that caring nature to everyone I encounter.

Thankfully her breast cancer was diagnosed at stage 1, which is excellent odds and certainly beatable....but it's still a tough pill to swallow and a lengthy process to go through. To be more specific, she had invasive ductal carcinoma. It's emotional. It's mentally challenging. It's physically challenging. It's scary. It's overwhelming. She underwent outpatient surgery in Jan 2019. She had a lumpectomy and also had specific lymph nodes removed. By the grace of God, I'm happy to say SHE BEAT IT!

And ladies, I cannot urge the importance of getting your mammo. My mom's cancer was found at her annual mammogram. She never felt anything, never saw any changes in her breasts, or noticed anything of question. Hence, the importance of getting screened every year.

Below are some designs in light of breast cancer survivorship, hope, and healing. If you would like to order something or design something custom, send me an email at

To learn more about breast cancer, visit THIS LINK

Breast Cancer

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