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  1. For the Labrador Retriever Lover
So I'm personally super partial to retriever breeds. I grew up with goldens and have personally owned two Labrador retrievers. So, obviously I HAD to get a Labrador retriever stamp! By the way, below is a picture of my charcoal labrador, named Ramsey Bolt. Funny story, she's not at all named after the evil villain on Game of Thrones. My son loved "Bolt" from the Disney movie, and I loved Ramsey so he said, "lets call her Ramsey Bolt momma." And that name stuck. It was at her first vet appointment when our veterinarian asked if she was named after the evil villain that I realized LOL! Had NO clue. Her name fits her perfectly though. She is literally a bolt of energy. This girl wants to play ball all day, every day. But Ramsey reflects her sweet and cuddly side also. It's perfect. If you have a lab, get yourself a small disc necklace with a lab stamp on it!








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