Care Instructions

All jewelry by The Spirit Factory uses high-quality sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill, brass, copper, pewter, and aluminum. All metals are LEAD AND NICKLE FREE. In design descriptions you will find what that product is made out of. All orders come with a short care description card that summarizes this information! But... here is more details for you! 

To make your jewelry last as long as it can, I recommend the following FOR ALL MY METALS:  

  • Do not swim or shower in your hand stamped jewelry.
  • Avoid exposure to lotions, hairspray/ hair products, sunscreen, makeup, etc. 
  • Store in the adorable drawstring bag that comes with your order! 
  • Try to not sweat in your jewelry. 
  • Take metals off before washing hands, especially copper! 
  • Store in a room temperature area, i.e. (not in the bathroom where heat fluctuates)
  • Store separately or apart from other jewelry 
  • Use a polishing pad/cloth to clean your piece. Need a polishing pad? Please email me. I DO NOT recommend you use any jewelry cleaning solution. If your design becomes scratched, the polishing cloth will help to buff out the scratches.


All sterling silver naturally tarnishes, and there are many different factors- climate, lotions, bathing, swimming, etc., that might cause your piece to tarnish faster. BUT with a little polishing with a pro polishing cloth, it will brighten right back up. I will gladly mail you a polishing pad if needed. All orders come with 2 cloths also! Storing your piece in an airtight plastic baggie or in the burlap draw string bag it comes with when not worn will also help. 

What to do if your letters fade or are no longer black: Use a black sharpie to color the letters in, let the marker dry, then rub all the excess sharpie off with a pro polishing cloth. 



14k gold filled is a solid layer of 14k gold that has been pressure bonded unto a base of quality jewelers brass. Gold filled is legally required to be at least 5% gold (1/20 of the total weight), which is significantly more (easily 100x more) than gold plated items! Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plated and you should take careful note of the metal that is used when purchasing gold materials. Solid gold jewelry is EXTREMELY expensive. Gold filled, on the other hand, is durable and will never rub, tarnish, or fade. If gold filled ever develops a tarnish, it is usually a surface tarnish which can be cleaned or polished off easily. It has a thick layer of solid 14k gold that offers a wonderful, quality piece without paying the solid 14k gold price. It is the next best thing, in terms of quality and durability, to solid gold jewelry. It is also a much more economical choice!


Copper is a durable, beautiful metal. Copper does not rust, but over time gets a natural green patinaed look to it. This is because copper oxidizes. If you do not like that patinaed look, simply buff out with a polishing cloth. Also, if you order a copper cuff please be careful to not mix with lotions, sweat, or perfumes. Copper has a tendency to turn skin green. Many think this is due to a low-quality metal, but that is not correct. When copper mixes with chemicals (especially sweat) it will begin that oxidation process, which is what turns skin green. That said, copper stains aren’t permanent and can be washed off with soapy water. In fact, many believe chelated copper to have health, holistic and spiritual benefits. The best way to clean copper is with my polishing pads, but warm water and soap is actually perfectly fine to use for cleaning also.